What is the idea behind The SumThingsUp Challenge?


An innovative contest in its inaugural year, the SumThingsUp Challenge encourages teachers and their students in grades 3, 4, and 5 to develop engaging and entertaining video lessons for key concepts in the math curriculum.  Participating teachers will design inquiry-based modules for their students, and then (with the teacher's help), the students will create a short video lesson designed to teach and explain the concept to students in other classrooms and schools.  There will be a contest question/concept for each grade, and each participating classroom will be competing for classroom prizes.  
There will be two separate sets of judges.  The student-produced videos will be judged by a committee of Math Coordinators, Math Coaches, and Master Teachers AND by students themselves.  The SumThingsUp Challenge will offer 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes of $500, $250, and $100, respectively, in each of the three grades.
This inaugural contest is being conducted with the cooperation of the Central District of the Los Angeles Unified School District.



  • The form to register your class for this year’s SumThingsUp Challenge is found on the:
  • FAQs for Teachers



If you are interested in being a judge, we are looking for individuals who have had experience as a math coach,  instructional coach with emphasis in math, math coordinator, CCSS math facilitator/expert, math fellow, and/or CGI coach/facilitator.

  • The form to indicate your interest in being considered for being a judge is found on the
  • FAQs for Judges


  • GRADE 3:  What is area?
  • GRADE 4:  What is the smallest fraction?
  • GRADE 5:  What are prime numbers, and why are they important?


                   The official questions for the 2020 Contest will be announced around early January, 2020.


TEACHERS:  Submit your entries by March 31st


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