Teacher Instructions

Many schools and teachers have expressed interest in having their student judge the SumThingsUp Challenge. We are excited to involve as many students as possible, but to keep the contest fair, we need to provide a few rules and guidelines. 


Judging The Entries

  • Each class will receive five entries. Each entry will be identified by a number. (We will remove the teachers’ names)
  • Please have each student fill out a Student Judge’s Form for each entry.
  • Please collect the forms, compile the results for the class and enter them on the Teacher’s Results Form found on our website.
  • All judging must be done in class, not as homework.
  • Teachers may choose to present all the entries in one or two days or spread them out over a week.
  • After students have reviewed all the entries, poll them on which is their overall favorite. Write down how many students choose each entry and enter the results on the Teacher’s Results Form.
  • If more than one class in a school participates, please assign submit one Teacher’s Results Form per class. Although not required, the judging classes might want to get together to have a final contest in which all entries are presented and voted on with a show of hands or simple ballot. If you choose to do this, please send the vote totals to voting@sumthingsupchallenge.org
  • If you send us photos or videos (for our webpage, facebook, etc.), please have your school district submit a photo release form .


See the timeline page.



To document the excitement of students participating in the SumThingsUp Challenge, we would like to get photos and videos of your students involved in this activity. If photos or video are sent to the SumThingsUp Challenge, your school would need to obtain photo/video releases from each student or one from the school district allowing the SumThingsUp Challenge to post the images on our website – see attached form. Schools can mail forms along with photos/video to the address below or email to release@sumthingsupchallenge.org  with SumThingsUp Challenge Forms written in the subject line. All video should be shot in hi-def and sent to the STUC (address listed below) as a hi-def mov file on a dvd.




Teacher instructions for the 2020 SumThingsUp Challenge.



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