FAQs for Teachers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.


How will the SumThingsUp Challenge entries be judged?

There are two steps. First, the entries will be evauated by math coordinators, math coaches, and master teachers (the "expert judges") and scored.  The results of the first round of judging will be compiled and ranked.  The top ten entries in each grade category will be identified (on the sumthingsupchallenge.org website) 

for the second round of judging.  The expert judges will have an opportunity to rerank the finalists and students will view five of the finalists (chosen at random and not including their own teacher) their favorite from among the videos they watched.  Each child will be asked to rate the entries on a variety of criteria, measuring both understanding and engagement. Teachers will compile their students’ ratings and submit them to us.


Will you tell me what rating my entry received from the expert or student judges? 

No, we don’t have the resources to give individual feedback. At the end of the judging period, we will post the Finalist entries and contact the people who submitted them.

How do I sign my class up to judge?

Click here.  As an additional step to make sure your entry has been successfully processed, please send an email to info@sumthingsupchallenge.org (the URL in the Contact section above) with your name, school, and grade in the subject line.

Is it all right for our school to set up our own rubric to judge the entries?

No. All judging is standardized and we have developed simple forms for the expert judges and students to fill out and return to their teacher. If you have suggestions for changes to next year’s form please email those to us for consideration in upcoming challenges.




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